Before sending a comment – please read this!

At the end of the first item on the main page of this website, before the space for writing comments, a text appeared (and still does) asking people to include a name, their approximate whereabouts, and an e-mail contact address, within the body of the message.

This policy continues to apply to any comments intended for publication on any part of the site.

Some people have asked about this requirement.

Those who set up the site do not want to have control over the interaction of people interested in the site, and want such people to be able to communicate with one another directly, unmediated by Bikes Alive, if they find it useful. (In fact they’re encouraged to have such communication where appropriate.)  In order that this is possible, messages intended for inclusion on the site must include your contact details.

Any messages which don’t include such details are not used on the website, and are assumed to be private messages to the Bikes Alive team. However, they can’t be dealt with while there’s a backlog of incoming mail to the Bikes Alive e-mail address ( – which there usually is… so the direct e-mail address should be used for preference!

For the avoidance of doubt: if you do not want to disclose anything publicly about who you are, you are still very welcome to send in your views to Bikes Alive – but you should send your comments by e-mail, not via this website.

The fact that some people tried to submit comments which seemed to be written as though intended for publication, and yet they had ignored the note on the page they were commenting on, implied they were writing comments without having read the whole page first! When comments are sent by someone who hasn’t read the page being commented on, one might wonder how likely it is that they’ll be sending the most pertinent and intelligent responses…

The initiators of this website assume it to be a sensible democratic practice that people who wish their ideas to be placed before others should normally be prepared to receive ideas from those others in return if they expect to be taken seriously. (In this connection, please note that a couple of people have sent messages which not only didn’t include contact details within their comments, but even included a fake/non-existent e-mail address in the information they gave with – but outside of – the message itself. These messages weren’t assumed to be worthy of consideration.)

Lastly, when you are commenting for inclusion on the site, remember: This is a publicly accessible website. If you’re saying anything which you wouldn’t be prepared to stand on your local street corner and say publicly, with people knowing who you are, then you probably shouldn’t be saying it on this website. If you want to suggest or plan anything which you don’t think it’s right for you to publicly own up to, then please contact people directly rather than trying to add it to this website!

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