The Critical Mass 182 defence meeting

by bikesalive

As reported previously, there was a meeting being held last week in defence of the 182 cyclists arrested in London on Friday 27 July, when the Met Police worked themselves up into an Olympics-induced hysteria on the night of the opening ceremony of the Games.

To save time in getting a report from that meeting published here, it’s easiest to just refer you to the report on the website of the Counter Olympics Network (it was CON which initiated the meeting, in liaison with Green and Black Cross who are working on the defence of the 182).

A key thing to note is the importance of those arrested linking up with Green and Black Cross (GBC) – so please spread this message far and wide:
If you were one of the 182 cyclists arrested on 27 July, and aren’t already in touch with GBC, then e-mail as a matter of urgency.