Oil that chain!

by bikesalive

In the run-up to the next Bikes Alive Kings Cross go-slow on Monday 30 April, there are a couple of other London cycling events which you probably don’t need reminding of … but, below, we’ll remind you anyway. Meanwhile, how about printing off copies of this flier promoting next Monday’s action, and maybe distributing some at those events – and elsewhere – between now and then?

Just a brief recap of why we’ll be back at Kings Cross on Monday:
Many cyclists have been unnecessarily killed and injured at Kings Cross in recent years;
Transport for London (TfL) was repeatedly warned, over a long period, that the road design didn’t match its own safety guidelines – but it refused to act;
TfL told its traffic engineers to ignore cyclists when planning changes to the road layout;
Changes being made now at Kings Cross are introducing new dangers for cyclists.

If you agree that peaceful direct action is a necessary part of our repertoire if we’re to succeed in changing TfL’s policies (which put the throughput of motor vehicles ahead of the safety of Londoners as a whole), then please join us on Monday. With the elections for the London Mayor and the London Assembly just days away, we need to show that the current situation will not be tolerated. Enough is enough!

Please spread the word. (Those of you who’re members of Facebook can do so via this page.)


Friday 27 April, being the last Friday in the month, will see the London Critical Mass bike ride. Hundreds of cyclists will gather by the riverside, under the south end of Waterloo Bridge, from 6pm onwards. By 7pm the mass will be swooping through central London redressing the normal balance on the roads, putting non-motorised road users in charge.

On Saturday 28 April, the London Cycling Campaign has organised its Big Ride: a merry event – with a serious message, about the demand for a better deal for cyclists on the capital’s roads – before the London elections the following Thursday. Assemble at the Marble Arch end of Park Lane at 11am, to set off at 12noon via Hyde Park Corner, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalagar Square, and Parliament Square, to end with a rally on Victoria Embankment at 2pm. For more details, including of feeder rides, see http://lcc.org.uk/pages/the-big-ride.


Some reports (from many such) of the Addison Lee die-in on Monday:

Two useful rants/commentaries about Addison Lee (again, from many):

And an assortment of other items…
… more wisdom from Christian Wolmar, this time in the Evening Standard
… a cycling campaign round-up from The Times (though with no mention of Bikes Alive on this occasion)…
… another tragic addition to the statistics…
… and for those who can read Swedish…


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If you use Twitter, you can follow @BikesAlive.

See you all on Monday evening!