Promoting next Monday; and other events

by bikesalive

A reminder that, as announced, we’re returning to Kings Cross on Monday. And we do so against the background of this week’s shocking revelation that for years TfL was telling its transport consultants to ignore cyclists when planning road changes at Kings Cross (see the news in the last posting). So it’s really important to get a good turn-out, and to keep this issue in the public – and political – eye.

Please pass on news of the event on Monday evening to all your concerned/campaigning contacts – cycling, pedestrian, community, and environmental. You can print copies of this flyer to distribute to your local cycle shops, community centres, and so on. Or just give them to cyclists you’re alongside at traffic lights!

And while we’re at it, a rare piece of good news from the roads of Kings Cross: Islington Council is developing plans to calm the southern end of Caledonian Road – much of which, at present, acts as a barrier to the community rather than the heart of the community. This plan could extend to getting rid of the gyratory racetrack in part of the Kings Cross one-way system which falls inside Islington. See


Nonviolence and Transport – Tuesday 13 March

The London group which has monthly discussions about aspects of pacifism and nonviolence has “Nonviolence and Transport” as its theme next Tuesday evening.

Some questions which the meeting might address include: Are there aspects of the way our society deals with issues of mobility and transport which are, in practice, violent? Is much motorised traffic inherently violent? Are large-scale transport systems inevitably a violent assault on the ecosystem? Do ideas of nonviolence suggest ways in which we should have more local self-sufficiency, and so travel a lot less? What role is there for nonviolent direct action in campaigning over transport and mobility?

See for more details; everyone interested is welcome.

Barnet’s Great Divide Ride – Sunday 25 March

The North Circular Road cuts a swathe across Barnet, and crossing points lack friendly features for cyclists. In fact, the recent remodelling of Henley’s Corner is another classic – and all too common – example of a road redesign that makes it even more hazardous for cyclists. So the Barnet group of the London Cycling Campaign has organised a ride which takes in lots of notorious junctions on the North Circular, including Staples Corner and the Brent Cross Flyover; they’re meeting at New Southgate station, N11, at 10am for a 10.30 start.

For more details, see