Communication problems; and a change of scene

by bikesalive


There have been some problems with the Bikes Alive e-mail address since last night. If you’ve sent a message to which has bounced, please re-send it to the following temporary address: It’s hoped this will be a temporary problem: keep an eye on this website for news.


The next “official” Bikes Alive outing will be at Archway, rather than at Kings Cross. On Thursday 1 March, at 6.15pm, we’ll be meeting in Archway Close, London N19, in the middle of the massive roundabout at the centre of the Archway gyratory system (right by Highgate tube station), in support of a long-running local campaign to calm and humanise the roads at Archway. Pedestrians and cyclists will be circling the system to reclaim – for a little while – some road space for human beings. See for lots of background to this campaign. Note in particular, given the famous (Archway-related) historical tale of a mayor of London and his cat, that participants are encouraged to dig out any cat costumes they might have to hand/paw.


1)  On the eve of a House of Commons debate on cycle safety, there will be a mass bike ride past parliament this evening, “to draw attention to the drastic changes needed to make London’s streets truly safe and inviting for cycling and walking”.

Initiated by two excellent London cycling blog-sites (Cyclists in the City, and I Bike London, the duo who also initiated the Tour de Danger around some of London’s most dangerous junctions one Saturday morning a few months back), the event is also backed by the London Cycling campaign (LCC) – which means it’s likely to involve a lot of cyclists. (And which also means it’s likely to be very brief, and to avoid at all costs inconveniencing motorists … unless there are lots of people who refuse to obey orders…)

Cyclists are invited to meet at the Duke of York steps on The Mall (at 6.15pm for a 6.30pm start) for the ride.

2)  And don’t forget that this Friday, 24 February, being the last Friday in the month, will see the regular Critical Mass bike ride. Celebrating the change in the balance of power on London’s streets when there are hundreds of cyclists around in one place, it will meet as usual outside the NFT bar, under the south end of Waterloo Bridge, between 6pm and 6.30pm. By 7pm it will move off to wherever the fancy takes it/them/us.