Monday 6 February action: reminder – and news

by bikesalive

As announced in the last posting, there’s another Bikes Alive event at Kings Cross, on Monday 6 February, 6pm-7pm. See the last posting for a map/flyer that you can use to help publicise it. And if you find that this cartoon is useful too…

For other publicity leaflets, go to, where you can download and print off artwork for sheets of little monochrome equivalents of the map design from the last posting. Please make good use of these materials in your local area – you can take them to local bike shops, cycling groups, and so on. Or produce your own publicity and organise your own networking!

Why still Kings Cross?

The current Bikes Alive strategy is to keep up the pressure at just one of the places where change is needed (until there are so many Bikes Alive activists that road closures are happening all over London every day, that is…), and Kings Cross is a place where Transport for London (TfL) might be especially vulnerable.

There’s quite a surge in concern at the moment about the way road traffic policies – especially in London – affect cyclists. Even The Times gave over its front page on Thursday 2 February to launch a campaign to improve the safety of cycling (see the on-line version here: Other national dailies have covered the Bikes Alive campaign specifically; and there’s been both general cycling safety coverage, and specifically Bikes Alive coverage, in London-wide media. This, and the work of many other cycling campaigns and websites, has all helped to stir up quite a public hubbub about cycle safety in the run up to the Greater London elections (for the Mayor and the Assembly) in May. And after all, since transport is the one thing which is largely devolved to London, it probably is – in practical terms as opposed to political posturing (by both candidates and lobbyists) – the most important issue in the election campaign.

Even more specifically at Kings Cross, we have two local papers (covering the two boroughs that meet at Kings Cross) running stories about the safety of the Kings Cross road system week after week, and – in their on-line editions – generating quite a debate over whether Bikes Alive is using the right tactics (see, for example,‘you-ride-too-rough’-london-cycling-campaign-lcc-refuse-back-safety-protests). On top of that, the wonderful community website for Kings Cross ( has helped to rally lots of vocal and practical support for the campaign to make the area’s roads safer.

(And, not least, the one thing TfL does plan for Kings Cross will speed up traffic and makes things even more dangerous for cyclists.)

Competition news

Hurry, hurry! There’s a competition to design a logo, or another logo, or lots of logos, for Bikes Alive – see for more information.


In case you’re not familiar with the excellent folks at RoadPeace, check them out for news of their work. And in particular, they’re launching their new Save Me See Me campaign to reduce lorry danger at 2pm on Sunday 5 February, at the site of the ghost bike in Notting Hill Gate (just west of the Underground station): see their press release for further information.

Other coverage of Bikes Alive

These are a few more examples of recent coverage of Bikes Alive:

But please don’t assume that even friendly coverage (or alleged quotes from Bikes Alive) can be relied upon to be 100% accurate!!

And finally…

Remember, if you want to contact Bikes Alive, including to ask to be on the mailing list, please e-mail And if you’re on Twitter, you can keep up to date by following @BikesAlive, and by watching out for #bikesalive.