Bikes Alive meeting confirmation (et al)

by bikesalive


The meeting of Bikes Alive supporters, announced earlier, is confirmed for 7pm, on Thursday 19 January, in Housmans Bookshop (5 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London N1). The meeting is for planning and preparation for the action next Monday, for a bit of strategising about Bikes Alive and similar actions in the future, and – with any luck! – for some sharing round of tasks.


1) Poster artwork

For those of you having problems with the poster artwork – promoting next Monday’s action – which was circulated with the last mailing, it’s now available in PDF format (as well as in the earlier ODT and PS formats). Anyone wanting a copy of this (or of the earlier ones if you didn’t get the mailing), should e-mail with “ARTWORK” as the subject line, specifying clearly which format(s) you want, and the file(s) will be sent to you.

2) TfL and Corporate Manslaughter

For an excellent round-up of the situation at the lethal Kings Cross junction, including complaints of Corporate Manslaughter lodged with the police against Transport for London, see this item on the very wonderful local website: It also gives chapter and verse of many instances of TfL brazenly saying that the rate of vehicle throughput is a higher priority than safety.

3) An eye-witness report

We received an interesting eye-witness report this evening – from, yes, Kings Cross.

It’s impossible to move around Kings Cross of a day – and I do, every day – without seeing drivers chatting on their mobile phones, blocking box junctions, ignoring advance stop line boxes for bikes, jumping red lights, and generally behaving dangerously; it really is a daily occurrence, and the danger is primarily visited upon others. Police, on foot and otherwise, are a common sight around Kings Cross. When’s the last time I saw any motorist being pulled up for lawbreaking around Kings Cross? Not once in the last 10 years – which presumably has at least some statistical significance.

This evening I saw a cyclist stopped by police outside Kings Cross station for not having adequate lights on their bike. Now I certainly think that cycling around after dark without decent lights is bonkers; however, the danger in this instance is primarily inflicted on themselves. And it seemed pretty clear that the cyclist wasn’t just being told not to be stupid, but was being booked. I wonder how many motorists behaving illegally there were passing through Kings Cross during the interminable time the policeman spent dealing with the one cyclist? But then, it seems that in the eyes of much of society these days, including much of officialdom, a crime committed while sitting in a metal box out on the road isn’t a “real crime” – certainly not the type of crime that’s worth putting serious resources into clamping down on.

And lastly – please try very hard to arrive by 6pm sharp for the action on Monday 23rd…