More coverage of Monday’s event

by bikesalive

Some people have asked about press coverage of Monday’s event.

It was rather typical of the way the cash-strapped mainstream press seem to work these days: quite a few major articles plugging it in advance (based on our press releases, a bit of research, and a few phone calls); and then no money to send reporters to actually cover it. (Although there were lots of journalists present, as already reported here, they mostly weren’t from the main national press.)

However, this can be very helpful in terms of getting the word out to people we haven’t already managed to make contact with – more useful than reports afterwards of course… Every one of the advance mentions we list below was identified by at least one person at the demonstration as having been how they knew about it – even the live BBC Radio London piece only three-quarters of an hour beforehand had at least one person leaping on their bike and charging across London to join in!

The known examples of significant advance mentions were those in the Independent, the “mini-Inde” called the i [yes, a silly name], the Morning Star, and the Evening Standard (all of them on the Monday itself). Links to the on-line equivalents of most of these stories are given here (the on-line and print versions were virtually identical in each case):

The BBC London programme, which included almost 10 minutes on the topic (with about half that time taken up with a rant by a Bikes Aliver), can be found – for a few more days at least – at:

The replay this generates runs from around the end of the 5pm news, and the Kings Cross / Bikes Alive item starts only a couple of minutes into this.

Other advance mentions include in one of the local papers covering the Kings Cross area. And at least three local papers are more or less guaranteed to have significant reports later this week: the Camden New Journal, the Islington Tribune, and the Ham and High. Anyone in the area who sees these could usefully send in letters for next week’s editions, to keep the story rolling.

And lastly, a few more websites with coverage, to add to those listed previously:

No doubt there are plenty more, but this will have to do – unless anyone spots anything particularly dramatic and sends a message about it to